Ain’t It Fun…

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Paramore Live at Late Night with Seth Meyers

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Paramore will be performing ‘Ain’t It Fun’ on Late Night With Seth Meyers tonight (April 23)



If you live in the US you can watch it on NBC at 12:35/11:35c

Time zones:

  • EDT: 12:35 am, April 24
  • PDT: 9:35 pm
  • Mexico (Mexico City): 11:35 pm
  • Australia (Sydney): 2:35 pm, April 24
  • UK (London): 5:35 am, April 24
  • Poland (Warsaw): 6:35 am, April 24
  • Brazil (Sao Paulo): 1:35 am, April 24
  • Germany (Berlin): 6:35 am, April 24
  • Philippines (Manila): 12:35 pm, April 24
  • New Zealand (Auckland): 4:35 pm, April 24
  • Russia (Moscow): 8:35 am, April 24

*if your country’s not listed above you can check it HERE
*If you have any questions message me HERE
*Will I be recording it? they post it online after the west coast feed which would be a few more hours, but i can still record it if people want me to :)

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hayley williams

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paramore: the self titled sessions

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the self titled sessions

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Pre-Orders for my paramore prints are now live: 

Tumblr is ruining the quality of the image but they look really good and vibrant.

They’re going to be $13

11x17 Matte Prints

I will ship internationally. (Sorry for the shipping costs; can’t do much about it)

Pre Order Here

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me here or here.

Preorders will run from March 19, 2014- April 2, 2014 (Two weeks)

*First 60 Preorders will get a Self Titled Tour Postcard!

If you run into any problems ordering, just let me know, this is my first time doing something like this so I hope I’m doing it right… lol

Hey guys! A few people have been messaging me and If you want to order more than one poster and the shipping costs are a little too high for y’all, message me and I can work something out with you! 

Last day to order!

Credit ♥